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Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Student Association organizes and carry the school activities and service projects to the students at OCTCM. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, the Student Association is the voice of the student body at OCTCM.

Association Members

Chairman:Robert Coons

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Robert Coons is a graduate of OCTCM (class of 2019) and author of Internal Elixir Cultivation,  the Nature of Daoist Meditation.
Together with OCTCM he has helped translate and present Prof.Binjiang Wu's Interesting Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Video Series. 

Jinlin (James) Wang

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James is studying acupuncture at Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He was a TV drama director in China.

Committee Member (Markham):
June D. Buenaflor

June is a medical doctor by profession in the Philippines. Given her education and training, she is more inclined to scientific and conventional medicine.

All her life as a medical practitioner, she has implemented pharmaceutical healing and treatment using chemically formulated drugs and medicines. She has been trained and has accumulated invaluable experience at St. Michael's Hospital. She has worked as a clinical research coordinator at the Multiple Sclerosis Research Unit in the Division of Neurology.

Committee Member (Markham):
Xiaojian (David) Guo

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David has been studying the Traditional Chinese Medicine program since 2020.

Committee Member (Downtown):
Babette Burrell

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Babette Burrell is a multi|inter-disciplinary artist from Toronto. Her work is built on 20+ years of experience in creative, technical and medical disciplines, which include but are not limited to: fashion/textiles design, fine metals + jewelry, digital media, video production, photography, midwifery, herbology, commercial kombucha brewmaster, and space curation.

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