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Treating The Root: Five Simple Steps to Heal Your Flagging Practice

Monitoring your practice management

Date: Thursday, April 4

Time: 6:30 pm - 8 pm

Cost: Free

When it comes to building a healthy and sustainable TCM or acupuncture practice, most practitioners focus on outside marketing to get new patients in the doors. But they often lack the skills to retain them long enough to provide effective treatment.

And when your best source of new patients is referrals by the happy and satisfied people you’ve helped, you’re missing out on a valuable practicing building tool – perhaps the best tool you can have to build and sustain your practice.

Learn the five simple steps you can take to ethically build patient retention, help your patients get the results they want, and create happy people who are motivated to refer their friends and family to you.


Presenter: Elyse Tera

Elyse Tera has been practicing Chinese Medicine for over twenty-five years. Beginning as a shiatsu therapist in 1994 with a focus on Chinese injury medicine, Elyse then studied TCM, Classical and Five-Element acupuncture, and graduated in 2000 with additional certification in Hari (Toyo Hari non-insertive needling) and the Balance Method (a distal point needling system).

She then built a highly successful practice in Arizona, with 6 treatment rooms, 7 staff, and over 100 patient visits a week. Elyse has shared her knowledge of, and versatility with myriad aspects of Chinese medicine with hundreds of students: Throughout her career she has taught foundations, TCM and classical diagnosis, shiatsu, and tuina, as well as TCM history, ethics, and practice management in Quebec, Ontario, and across the United States.

Elyse is passionate about the profession and helps other practitioners build ethical, sustainable practices through her unique approach to practice management, and uses the TCM paradigm to diagnose ailing practices and provide tools to help practitioners reach the success they want.

Currently Elyse hosts and produces the Yi Medicine Show, a podcast for practitioners of Chinese and Classical Asian medicine, available on iTunes or your favourite podcast platform.

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