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Free: Chat & Chai

Chai and Chat : Free Talk on Ayurvedic and TCM based self-care rituals for healthy Hair and Skin

WHEN: January 22, 2023 2:30PM -4:00PM

WHERE: OCTCM Toronto (3rd floor 283 Spadina Ave)

Hosted by Mamta Pranjivan BSc., PGDip (Ayurveda) & Jessica Waddell R.Ac

Cozy up with a cup of chai exploring some of the unique principles and simple practices from the two eastern sciences to guide you in your wellness and beauty routine!

Mamta and Jessica will be sharing knowledge from their respective Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine backgrounds to guide you in mitigating the cold and dry effects of the autumn-winter seasons.

We will also delve into common skin and hair issues such as:

- dry and eczema prone skin

- hyperpigmentation and premature wrinkles

- hair loss and premature graying

There will be lots of time to have your questions answered and to try out specially formulated Ayurvedic oils for hair, face and body. Spaces are limited please use the link below to register.


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