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The college has conducted a systematic study on the internationalization of Chinese medicine overseas and put forward its own academic viewpoints, Our college has been the editor in chief and publisher for the monthly journal - "World Chinese Medicine" (Canada Edition) since January 2019.

"​World Chinese Medicine" (Canadian Edition)

 "World Chinese Medicine" (Canadian Edition)  is an electronic publication approved by the Federal Government of Canada (ISSN 2562-3028). It is charged by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and hosted by the journal of "World Chinese Medicine". 70% of the articles of "World Chinese Medicine" (Canadian Edition) are from "World Chinese Medicine", including the most cutting-edge research and development trends of traditional Chinese medicine. 30% of the articles are from Canada, especially in Ontario. Topics are from Canadian academic exchanges on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture (professional experience and research, teacher-student forums, trends of regulatory agencies, information from teaching institutions, etc. ). In addition, the magazine introduces key points on worldwide renowned doctors, famous hospitals, named enterprises as well as well-known medicines. "World Chinese Medicine" (Canada Edition) aims at Canadian registered Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists, especially Chinese medicine acupuncture clinics. Our college has decided to send the electronic version of the magazine for FREE for everyone's convenience.  







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