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Robert Youngs, RMT, R.TCMP, MMQ 


Robert Young had earned his Diploma in Massage Therapy from
the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy and his Doctor
of TCM diploma from OCTCM. Thereafter, Robert went on to
receive his Master of Medical Qigong certificate from the
International College of Medical Qigong in 2005. Robert’s passion
is on hands-on healing. He is a seasoned qigong, meditation, and
martial arts trainer who successfully combines Western massage
therapy with Oriental energetic therapies. Over the years, he
has enjoyed working with other medical professionals to provide
an integrative approach to physical, psychological, and spiritual
health and healing. Robert has presented numerous courses on
medical qigong, internal martial arts, Daoist meditation, and
spiritual development methods at various organizations, including
the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and OCTCM. He is
the founder of the Pickering Branch of The Tai Chi and Meditation Center since 1992.

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