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Matthew Sedo, R.Ac


Matt’s interest in healing grew out of a background in competitive diving. His first introduction to Chinese medicine was through his diving coach from China, who would use acupuncture and massage to manage injuries and relax divers before competitions. After university, he moved to Japan where he was fortunate enough to study shiatsu with a few great teachers. This sent him on a path back to Canada where he enrolled in the Shiatsu School of Canada and completed a diploma in Shiatsu. During that time, he also apprenticed at a local tuina and acupuncture clinic in Toronto where he immediately fell in love with the practice. Ever since then, Tuina as been a staple part of his acupuncture practice. His clinical focus centers around providing pain management, rehabilitation and stress relief. He approaches treatment through a traditional Chinese medical framework and a contemporary understanding of neuroanatomy, pain and dysfunction. Matt is thrilled to pass on to students what he’s learned and is still discovering.

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