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Introductory Seminar, How to Thrive in Winter with TCM

thrive in winter

Date: Thursday, November 1

Time: 6:30 pm - 8 pm

Cost: Free

Have you ever wondered about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? How it works and what are the underlying principles? But also how to improve your health with acupuncture, Chinese herbs and diet, or qigong? The 1st Thursday of every month, the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is hosting introductory seminars where you will be able to engage with our speaker in a lively presentation that covers one of the topics in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. This is your chance to learn from accomplished practitioners and to ask them all you questions! And it's free.

Winters in Canada are known to be harsh. Have you ever wondered how you could enjoy the cold season without feeling miserable, and instead feeling great? Aline Yon, M.Sc, is a TCM student and a newcomer to Canada who used to hate the winter. After researching a famous TCM classic text (The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Medicine, or Huang Di Nei Jing), she discovered how this ancient text helped her survive the cold and improve her health even during the winter! She will be sharing her findings and tips with you.

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