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Free Webinar: Tips to Obtain Peaceful, Restorative Sleep in the Midst of a Pandemic

Combining Ancient Wisdom & Sleep Science

Tips to Obtain Peaceful, Restorative Sleep in the Midst of a Pandemic

Monday, June 7th, 2021

6:30 PM- 8:30 PM

Location: Online

Every living organism on the planet needs sleep. Sleep is an integral component of human health, and a sufficient amount of good quality restful sleep is essential to prevent illness and to cultivate health in order to nourish life and longevity.

Desire to sleep and not being unable to is one of the most frustrating experiences in our modern existence. Chronic insomnia (defined as having difficulty sleeping several times a week for several months) can really disrupt a person’s life and wellbeing. This lack of rest puts a damper over a person’s everyday mood affecting quality of life and often turns sleep into a chore that a person dreads instead of a relief and opportunity to rest and recover.

In modern society the rates of insomnia and use of sleep medication have increased substantially over the years. Multiple research studies show that the current pandemic is severely disrupting sleep in more than fifty percent of the general population.

The empirical knowledge gained through more than 2000 years of TCM to promote healthy sleep can now be explained, understood and supported by the modern sleep research.

Please join us for this free webinar to discover general lifestyle (including diet, exercise and relaxation) and sleep hygiene tips to help your patient's achieve sufficient sleep that is both peaceful and restorative.



Rob Helmer R.TCMP, R.Ac

Rob Helmer specializes in the treatment of chronic, difficult to treat medical conditions that other doctors and alternative medicine providers are unable to help. His primary form of treatment to achieve this is customized Chinese herbal medicine formulas. Rob's recent research has focused on the area of insomnia due to the increase in mental-emotional health problems since the beginning of the pandemic. This research will be published in various medical journals this year including the Journal of Chinese Medicine in June 2021.

He originally graduated from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) school in Toronto 1998 and completed his Doctorate of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC. To obtain doctorate level knowledge learned to read medical Chinese and spent many years translating Chinese medical journal articles into English to share with others.

He has completed clinical practice/internships in China (four times), Germany and USA. Rob is currently a professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at OCTCM in Toronto and has previously taught at a number of TCM schools in Canada and the US and also has developed and taught post-graduate courses on insomnia, asthma and dermatology based on his own clinical experience and research. Rob is a published author and has previously appeared in various TCM journals (Journal of Chinese Medicine) and published a book by Blue Poppy press in 2006 on the TCM treatment of pediatric bedwetting. Lastly, he has been a student of many well respected doctors of TCM over the years in different countries including Dr. David Lam in Toronto, Bob Flaws and TCM dermatologist Mazin Al-khafaji ( including working at his clinic in England

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