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Introduction to Herbal Medicine Spring 2024

HRB-300 | Introduction to Herbal Medicine


DATE: May 6th - Aug 19th

TIME: 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM

COST: $390

INSTRUCTOR: Tim Sibbald B.Sc, B.Med (China), R.Ac, R. TCMP

PRE-REQUISITE FOR: Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Program

*Cancellations on or before two week prior to the course start date will result in a $50 + HST cancellation fee. Student cancellations made less than two weeks prior will not receive a refund.


Are you a Registered Acupuncturist looking to increase your skills and revenue for your clinic by learning Chinese herbal medicine? HRB-300 Introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine is a 30 hour course designed to provide the foundational knowledge such as the name of substances, the thermal nature, five flavors, channel affect, direction and other fundamental theories. It prepares students to dive into the depth of their Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine Program.


Tim Sibbald B.Sc, B.Med (China), R.Ac, R. TCMP

After completing a degree from Queen’s University in Life Sciences (B.Sc), Tim devoted a decade of his life to the study of Chinese Medicine, including an eight year stay in the People’s Republic of China. He spent three years in Beijing (studying the Mandarin dialect) before moving to Shanghai to enrol in a five-year Mandarin-language, dual-degree medical program (in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture/Tuina) at the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (B.Med). During this process, he was taught traditional Chinese Herbs, Formulas, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, and Tuina Therapeutic Massage as well as Western Medical theory and practice in Internal and Surgical Medicine. Aside from medicine, he is an accomplished teacher of Martial Arts, Qigong, and Meditation, having studied extensively with some of the world’s top lineage Grandmasters in the Chen style TaiChi and Xinyi LiuHe Internal systems for over 12 years.

For more information contact /416-901-8818.


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