Wu's Head Massage Certificate Course

Close-up of a bookshelf with a porcelain bust with acupuncture points

DATE: Weekend July 7 - July 29

TIME: 10 am - 5 pm

DURATION: 45 hrs


COST: $980

This course provides an additional skill or strengthens one's massage abilities by providing him or her with special head-tuina skills. Wu’s Head Massage (WHM) provides the students with a more specialized practice. The theory of WHM is taught, and hands-on training is offered.

If you are a practising regulated health care professional (RMT, acupuncturist, TCM practitioner, etc.), you can earn a CEU certificate. Non-regulated health care professionals can also take the course to use Wu's Head Massage (WHM) as a stand-alone therapy.

Wu's Head Massage is especially useful for the modern conditions created by prolonged use of digital devices and symptoms that manifest in the head and upper body.

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