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Business Management

Dates: Monday November 11 & Tuesday November 12

Time: 9 pm - 5 pm

Fee: $225


Please download the form, fill it out and email it to We accept in e-transfer, or cheque


A busy and successful acupuncture practice reaches more patients, creates a sustainable and healthy life for the practitioner and elevates the profession as a whole. Come learn the skills you need from a successful and experienced clinic owner and acupuncture business adviser.


Elyse Tera has more than 18 years of experience as an acupuncturist in Arizona, USA. During her time there, she had successfully opened and sold two clinics and consulted in practice management within her field. She understood firsthand the unique challenges that acupuncturists and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners faced in operating a business and sought to bridge the gap with her consultancy. This led her to develop practice management program that gave her clients the tools to succeed. She also served as the president of the Arizona Society for Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, lobbying on behalf of her peers.

Elyse was accredited at the New England School of Acupuncture, Massachusetts, USA. Elyse holds a bachelor degree in Comparative Religion and Feminist Ethics from Concordia University and had studied shiatsu therapy in Montreal. In 2005 she was invited by HPRAC Consultation Group, spearheaded by then-Health Minister George Smitherman, to submit recommendations, which she co-authored, for the Traditional Chinese Medicine Act in Ottawa.

"Many practitioners earned less than $60k/year. Only 5% of acupuncturists earned over $100k. This is unacceptable, in my opinion. Our medicine and philosophy is so powerful and so necessary right now as we face a health crisis of massive proportions due to an aging population and the acute care focus of our health system. The best way to build our profession’s public and peer credibility is to create strong, sustainable and ethical practices across the province."

- Elyse Tera

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