Death and Dying in Traditional Chinese Medicine - Healing Trauma and Fear

DATES: Thursday, December 6

TIME: 6:30 pm - 8 pm

FEE: Free


Have you ever wondered about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)? How it works and what are the underlying principles? How can you improve your health with acupuncture, Chinese herbs and diet, or qigong? The first Thursday of every month, the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine hosts introductory seminars where you will be able to engage with our speaker in a lively presentation that covers one of the topics in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. This is your chance to learn from accomplished practitioners and to ask them all your questions! Death and Dying in Chinese Medicine - Healing Trauma and Fear December is usually synonymous with happy holidays, but for some people, it is a fearful month filled with memories of death and trauma. They might ask themselves:

  • How do I heal my trauma and fears?

  • How do fear and trauma impact my energy and decisions in life?

  • Am I aware of my fears and past trauma?

This talk presented by Richard Kwan, B.Sc, acupuncturist, TCM practitioner, and lecturer at the Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, will explain how death is viewed in Chinese Medicine, and explore these questions with you. There will be time for discussion.

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