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OCTCM: Continue Education Workshop (Part 1) -Jesse Lown

Workshop 1: Traditional Movement Therapeutics

Time: Thursday June 20th & 27th, 6pm - 9pm Address: Unit 1A, 7100 Warden Ave. Markham Ontario, L3R 8B5 Inspired by traditional movement practices like TaiJi and QiGong, this workshop aims at breaking down movement as a therapy in the clinic. In terms of clinical application, movement therapy is not as developed as other TCM modules like acupuncture and herbal medicine. Generally, movement is only suggested as a preventative form of healthcare.

Through an examination of the primary tissues, organs and substances of the body, this workshop will introduce a foundation to applying movement as a clinical module, especially in combination with acupuncture and/or TuiNa. This module will also incorporate some modern physiology and neurology in it’s approach and understanding. This not only helps to substantiate effectiveness, but also helps build standardized professional dialogue between different healthcare professionals.

Workshop 2: NeiJing Clinical Perspectives

Time: Thursday July 4th & 11th, 6pm - 9pm Address: Unit 1A, 7100 Warden Ave. Markham, Ontario, L3R 8B5

While the HuangDi NeiJIng is considered a foundational text of Chinese Medicine, many of its clinical perspectives are not commonly employed. The style of writing, the abstract nature of some of the content, and the ongoing development of TCM in general, have left many of the clinical perspectives introduced in the NeiJing lost to time.

This workshop will focus on a few of the clinically practical ideas introduced in the NeiJing, primarily it will discuss diagnostic ideas involving the channels, unique needle methods, and the underlying philosophy that should govern clinical practice.

About The Instructor: Jesse Lown

Jesse graduated in 2001 from the oldest Chinese Medicine Institute in Canada. Intrigued with the depth of knowledge traditional medicine offered, Jesse made his way to China to live and continue learning. While in China, Jesse interned in hospitals and private clinics, making connections and building relationships with professors and mentors who not only specialized in clinical application, but also Eastern philosophy and classical medical literature. Jesse’s unique approach in acupuncture, tuina massage, and herbal medicine was heavily influenced by the most respected and talented practitioners he had studied under.

After returning to Toronto and working independently in a private clinical setting, Jesse eventually joined a team of entrepreneurs looking to develop an integrated state-of-the-art neurological rehabilitation centre. In this venture, Jesse developed and directed a working model that integrated modern robotic technology, functional rehabilitation, and traditional medicine. This pursuit has led Jesse to effectively implement treatment methodologies that utilize both traditional and modern perspectives of practise, as well as develop a deep practical knowledge in the field of neuroplasticity and neurological sequelae.

While maintaining his clinical practice, Jesse has taught traditional Chinese medicine at many private institutes, and over the years has become recognized for his exceptional presentation and public speaking abilities.

Of all his studies, Jesse has diligently practiced the traditional mind-body customs of QiGong, TaiJiQuan, and Daoist NeiGong the longest. In 2004, after many years of dedication, he became an official 20th generation TaiJi lineage holder as recognized by the BeiJing HunYuan TaiJi Academy.

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