Heat Sensitive Moxibustion Seminar

Heat Sensitive Moxibustion Level 1 Certification

Date: Friday, July 19 - Sunday, July 21, 2019

Presented by: S.N.A.P.T.C.M.

Cost: Practitioners/Public C$800.00 Students C$600.00 One day:July 21 Level 1.5 Seminar for Certified level 1 FREE


Redefine your understanding of Qi in Chinese Medicine with unique non-invasive Heat Sensitive Moxibustion.

Backed by over thirty years of scientific research, HSM has revolutionized the TCM theory of Qi.

After one year around Canada, We will offer best Updated Level 1 Course to Toronto!

Develop your skills with Lecture, Hands on Practice, and Public Clinic.

This three-day seminar is a comprehensive training course design to teach students the essential theories within Heat Sensitive Moxibustion. Students will learn a brief history of moxibustion and the formation of the Heat Sensitive Moxibustion system. Moxa-point detection and theory will be emphasized with hands on practice using patented smoke and odor eliminating technology. It is essential that students become familiar with moxa-Qi sensations and how to achieve them on actual people.

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