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Advanced Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Enroll now in the Advanced Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine and start in January

  • 4 years or

  • 1 years intensive postgraduate from a Diploma of TCM Practitioner

The Advanced Diploma of TCM is the highest level of TCM training available in Ontario. The one year postgraduate intensive is meant for TCM Practitioners who wish to gain a deeper understanding of TCM with a focus on clinical application and it’s courses include Classical Chinese Medicine (Jingfang), TCM Research Methodology, TCM Oncology, TCM Psychology, Advanced Clinical Training, Electives and more. Instructors include: Prof. Benjamin Wu and other Professor in North America and China,

Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify.

For further detials for the course, please check below and the course schedule

Or, call 416 527 4942 or email for more information.

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