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Intro Seminar: What is Qigong?

Date: Wednesday, June 13

Time: 8 pm - 9:30 pm Fee: Free

Participants of this 1.5 hour workshop will learn about qi and qigong through a unique hands-on approach. You'll try various traditional forms of qigong through two of the most predominant and authoritative qigong cultures from Taoism and Shaolin. Experience the incredible breadth and variety of qi gong including how to feel qi, improve qi circulation, build your qi foundation, and applying qi for martial arts, internal strengthening, physical body strengthening, and qigong therapy such as pointing acupuncture qigong with energy nodes and meridians.

The literal translation of qigong is “life force work,” which means qi (life force) exercise or cultivation done by mindfully matching the breath with a sequence of movements. Variations of the sequence of movements are based on Daoist martial arts that has been in practice for thousands of years. Find out how this timeless form of martial arts exercise is related to healing.

The Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is hosting an introductory seminar where you will be able to engage with our speaker in a lively presentation that covers one of several topics in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. This is your chance to speak with our practitioners and ask them anything.


Meet Sifu Shi Chang Dao. He is the 35th generation Shaolin disciple of Shi Guo Song and had spent more than 10 years training and studying his craft in China. Sifu Dao is an authentic and traditional Shaolin disciple with a lineage that goes back 1,500 years. He will present the topic of qigong--what it is and its role in traditional Chinese medicine.

Sifu Dao is the founder of Shaolin Quanfa Temple Institute in Toronto and an instructor at the OCTCM Toronto.

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