Wu's Head Massage 吴氏头部推拿证书课程

November 27, 2019














Date: March 7 - March 22, 2020 Saturday & Sunday
Time: 10 am - 5 pm
Instructor: Prof. Ben Wu
Cost: $980 

Certification: Wu’s Head Massage Certificate for the 45 Hour Duration


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This course provides an additional skill or strengthens one's massage abilities by providing him or her with special head-tuina skills. Wu’s Head Massage (WHM) provides the students with a more specialized practice. The theory of WHM is taught, and hands-on training is offered.

If you are a practising regulated health care professional (RMT, acupuncturist, TCM practitioner, etc.), you can earn a CEU certificate. Non-regulated health care professionals can also take the course to use Wu's Head Massage (WHM) as a stand-alone therapy.

Wu's Head Massage is especially useful for the modern conditions created by prolonged use of digital devices and symptoms that manifest in the head and upper body.

  • Comprehensive training based on TCM - Tuina (Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Directly tutelage by the founder, Prof. Wu, author of “Prof. Wu’s Head Massage”

  • Students are able to give complete treatment upon certification Learn Wu’s self-preservation and treatment of diseases.Head Massage for relaxation and relief from painful joints and muscles, also for functional zones on the cerebral cortex, auricular acupoints, and the neck/limbs, and the different zones on the face which pertain to different organs region

  • Why and how to massage the head for Qi (life force-energy) stimulation, thus helping Qi and blood to flow better. Study of Traditional Chinese Medicine foundation theories included

  • Steps of various Self-Massage and Cosmetic Enhancing Techniques

  • Opportunities to become WHM Facilitator

  • CEU’s granted upon completion of the course

日期: 3月7日-3月22日,2020 周六和周日
时间: 上午10:00 - 下午 5:00
教授: 吴滨江院长
费用: $980






  • 基于中医理论的综合训练 - 推拿(中医按摩)

  • 由创始人吴教授直接指导“教授吴氏头部按摩”

  • 学生可以完整学习吴氏头部推拿,可以缓解疼痛的关节和肌肉,也可以用于自我保护和治疗疾病,可以学习脸上不同的区域,涉及不同的器官/四肢,大脑皮层,耳穴和颈部的功能区。

  • 为什么以及如何推拿头部以进行气(生命力 - 能量)刺激,从而帮助气血更好地流动。 包括中医基础理论研究。

  • 各种自我推拿和美强化美容容技术的步骤。

  • 成为吴氏